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About Us 
Friendly Customer Service
Orange County Legal Document Services is the low cost, consumer and small business choice for all their legal document preparation needs!
We offer a broad range of low cost legal document preparation services in the areas of  Divorce / Family Law, Criminal Law, Estate Law, Bankruptcy, Immigration, Contracts, Business formations, Trademark / Copyright, Landlord/Tenant and so much more. All tailored to fit your needs, Whether you are looking to file a small claims action, file for a divorce, start up a new business or initiate a bankruptcy, we can get it done at low cost without the high cost of a attorney! All of our services are "flat rate" with no hidden charges. We strive to meet your expectations and make your legal experience seemless, smooth and low cost. 
Visit our Services Offered page to see a partial list of the services we offer.
The court system and legal matters can be a stressful event and make even the most confident person feel helpless. At Orange County Legal Document Services, We are dedicated to making your legal matter and the court experience stress free by providing high quality, low cost legal document preparation by "helping you help yourself".
"We take on the stress so you don't have to"
Our Legal Document Assistants prepare your legal documents, file them with the court (if you choose), keeping you advised of your documents' status. We are with you every step of the way and follow your court documents through the court from beginning to end to assure nothing is missed and your case flows seemlessly through the legal process. Call today for your free consultation.
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The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice, nor should it be considered in place of the advice of a licensed Attorney. Orange County Legal Document Service, Legal Document Assistants are not Attorney's and we are not a licensed Attorney law firm. We are unable to give legal advice, or represent you in court. Orange County Legal Document Service helps you, help yourself and prepares documents only. For legal advice and representation please contact the California State Bar Association for a licensed attorney.
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